LM YN DC 0-80V 6A Adjustable Switching Power Supply Industrial Grade High-precision High-stability CE & ROHS Certification For Industrial Control, Communications, Scientific Research, Civil Equipment

DC Output Voltage:0-80V adjustable;
Output Current:6A;
Incoming wire stability:±5%;
Ripple and noise :180mVp-p;
DC voltange range :0-80V;
AC input voltange range: AC 110V(90V-132V AC) / AC 220V (170-264V AC) ,110V / 220V voltage switched by switch, the default setting of the voltage is 110V.
AC input current :5A/110V , 2.5A/220V;
Overload protection: 105%-150% cut off output;
Reset: Self reset;
Start,Rise,Hold time:200ms,50ms,30ms;
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ – +50 ℃;
Power fan working temperature: 40 ℃ ± 5 ℃.
Working humidity: 20% -90% RH
Dimensions: 215 * 115 * 50mm / 8.46 * 4.52 * 1.97in (L * W * H);
Weight: 1.1KG / 2.43lb.
In-door use only, for this switching power supply is not waterproof.

Use and precautions:
1. Before inputting the voltage, make sure that the input voltage is in line with the operating voltage of the power supply. (The power supply supports 115V AC / 230 V AC through the switch, the factory default setting is 115V). The wrong input voltage will damage the power supply (for example, when the switch is switched on at 115V and the input voltage is 230V, it will damage the power supply.)
2. Pay attention to positive and negative, do not reverse.
3. Output voltage 0-100% continuously adjustable, with digital output display; output current is not adjustable, limit the highest value; so in the choice, please according to the actual needs.
4. The internal components of the power supply are the best quality, the factory has to undergo a rigorous test, non-general cheap power supply comparable. Can be used for high-end industrial equipment power supply.

Package Included:
1*DC 0-80V 6A Adjustable DC Switching Power Supply
The use of advanced switching power supply control technology and components, as well as careful design, the whole small size, light weight, high efficiency, to ensure long-term full load operation of the stable and reliable. With perfect protection.

Built-in cooling fan, over temperature protection, overheating automatic shutdown protection; output overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection.
Boot delay soft start, to avoid the power output instantaneous high voltage impact.

Power widely used in power DC screen system, industrial control, communications, scientific research, battery charging and other equipment.Simple operation and easy to use.

DC Output Voltage:0-80V Adjustable; Output Current: 6A ; AC input voltange range: AC 110V(90V-132V AC) / AC 220V…

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